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- the issue is not caused by another plugin. If you think that it is a compatibility issue, try temporarily disabling other plugins and see if it fixes the issue.
- you specify **exactly** how to reproduce the issue. An under-detailed issue will be marked `invalid` till sufficient information is given.
- you include **every** of the MMOItems console logs and other linked logs. If you are unsure of what logs are linked to your issue, just paste the entire server logs using a pastebin. The more information the better.
Always double-check your entire server logs (search for the "MMOItems" pattern using a text editor) for plugin startup errors before reporting an issue, bugs are very often related to other previous errors which prevented MMOItems from successfully loading.
- you went through your entire server logs (search for the "MMOItems" pattern using a text editor) looking for either **start-up, on-join, or on-load** plugin errors. Plugin issues are often related to these types of errors.
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