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What is MythicRPG?

MythicRPG is in early alpha and things are subject to change

MythicRPG is an add-on for MythicMobs that allows you to create different custom player-centric RPG elements, such as learnable spells, classes and professions with leveling, player stats, and more!

Planned Feature List

Not all features are fully implemented yet. These are the features planned for release.

  • Spells - Make custom spells that players can learn and cast in various ways - made using the Mythic skill system. Turn any existing Mythic skill into a castable spell.
    • Casting - Configure different methods for casting skills - such as different hotbar casting methods, dance casting, click-combo casting, or using commands if you're into that.
    • Learning - Allow players to learn skills in different ways - Through their class by leveling, or through talents, or just by finding a tome out in the world! And assign conditions and limits to who can learn what.
    • Reagents - Create custom reagents for your archetypes - such as mana, energy, rage, or whatever you want - and integrate with HappyHUD to display these resources! Players can have one or more resources active at a time, and spell costs can be as complex as you want.
  • Archetypes (Classes / Professions) - Create custom MMO-style archetypes and group them in different ways to create custom classes and professions - or other types of paths! Group archetypes together and allow players to choose one of each, or set it up however you want using different conditionals.
    • Special Profession Skills - Will come with special profession overhauls that can be enabled, such as a powerful custom fishing system written by your favorite Josh
    • Leveling - Allow players to level up! Allow players to level their archetypes, and configure exactly what types of things allow them to level up.
    • Talent Trees - Setup flexible talent trees for each archetype where players can earn points leveling, and spend those points to earn different active or passive spells, or stat bonuses.
    • Stats / Attributes - Give players custom attributes such as Strength or Intelleect, Critical Strike, Armor Penetration, etc - or create any stats you can imagine using Mythic's stat system, including stats that give other stats. Allow players to gain stats from classes or even passive skills - all of which integrate seamlessly with Mobs, Crucible and Enchants!
    • Buffs & Debuffs - Did I mention stats? Take advantage of the seamless integration to create custom buffs and debuffs using auras that directly affect your stats!
  • Custom Commands & GUIs - A flexible system for creating custom commands & GUIs to display the data for your different classes and professions exactly how you want, with tons of different placeholders and options!
  • Custom Currencies - Create one or more custom currencies (only one can interface with Vault) - and use these currencies to create other custom systems that utilize them.
  • Waypoints - Create custom waypoints or landmarks that players can discover, and allow them to teleport back to these places in an intuitive way - if they meet the right conditions.
  • ...and more! - MythicRPG is in active development. If you have an awesome idea, make sure you tell us!

The add-on also adds various Mythic mechanics and conditions for interacting with these things.