Plugin for making thicc mobs

What is Mythic?

Mythic allows server owners to fully modify all attributes of any non-player entity on your server, and even allows for the creation of your own custom complex systems!

Above all, this plugin gives developers full control over how mobs behave, from simply increasing their HP and damage to giving mobs a vast arsenal of new abilities with a powerful yet simple scripting system. Your custom mobs can replace vanilla mobs, be spawned randomly using a vast array of spawn conditions, or you can set up custom mob spawners that activate under certain conditions or by commands.

Looking to make the ultimate boss? We've got you covered. Just want to make simple mobs for your RPG? MythicMobs is your plugin. Wherever your server lies, from complex MMOs to friendly SMPS and fast-paced minigames, your imagination is the limit.

As a brief summary, Mythic allows you to:

  • Mob Skills:
    Give mobs custom skills through the use of a powerful Yaml scripting system, with access to conditions, targeters, and triggers to control exactly when and where the skills will trigger.
  • Mob Attributes:
    Modify ALL mob attributes, a few examples being; Health, Damage, Movement Speed, Combat Range, Etc.
  • Special Effects:
    Allow mobs to use custom sounds, particles, and special effects.
  • Equipment:
    Create new equipment with custom attributes that can be worn by (or dropped by) any mob.
  • Damage Modifiers:
    Alter how different damage types affect mobs, such that they can; become immune to fire, heal from drowning, take less damage from arrows, Etc.
  • Mob Spawners:
    Create powerful custom Mob Spawners to spawn your Mythic Mobs at specific locations with optional timers, conditions, attributes, cooldowns, etc!
  • Spawning Control:
    Set your custom mobs and bosses up to spawn randomly in different areas of the world, based on an extensive list of conditions you can specify. You can replace natural vanilla spawns completely!
  • Mob Levels:
    Scale mobs in level and increase their power based on where and how they spawned, having scaled health, damage, and even more abilities as they level!
  • Threat Tables:
    Set mobs to use Threat Tables, granting increased power and control over their targeting behaviors, allowing for mobs to behave similar to enemies in RPGs.
  • Mob AI Controls:
    Modify mob AI goals. Let zombies open doors, have friendly skeleton guards that fight skeletons from other mob factions, create creepers that run away from sheep, and much more!
  • Mob Factions:
    Allow mobs to be a part of factions! Works with the previously mentioned AI Controls so you can have mobs that will fight other factions of mobs, help players, and more!
  • Disguises:
    Powerful integration with LibsDisguises allows any mob to look like anything!
  • Plugin Compatibility:
    Integration with a wide variety of popular plugins, including ModelEngine!
  • With many more features too extensive to list here!

Getting Started

Help & Questions

Need more help?

Mythic can a dauntingly complex plugin that might be confusing to start out with due to the sheer scope of what it can accomplish.

To get the most out of it, make sure to join the massive, active MythicMobs community to get help and support, either on our Discord Server or Forums, where you can ask questions, get ideas, and more, directly from the developers, as well as countless other server owners!

Development Builds

Development builds are available to premium users, and can be found here:

Please note that development builds have untested features, and while made with the intent of stability, as with any beta there are no guarantees. They could potentially alter and/or break your previous MythicMobs configurations and may contain bugs and unfinished features. Please make sure you read changelogs in full.

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