6a99033aa834536b58bec007d893415c03c75a6d Welcome to the MMOBars wiki! MMOBars is a spigot plugin that allows players to have more customization when working with the minecraft graphical user interface. The plugin works through displaying custom font characters in the player's action bar. There are a few requirements for the plugin to be compatible with your server.


  • 1.16 or later spigot. This is because of hex color + custom font support being used so prevalently. This will not be lowered ever.

  • Custom Resource Pack. Players must have the required assets to see the bars so without them it will not work. A default resource pack will be provided for free that has everything you will need to have the plugin work. If you already use a resource pack, you can merge the pack by combining the contents of the assets folder.

  • As of version 1.4.0, MythicLib is required for the plugin to function.

Optional Dependencies

MMOBars is made with integration in mind. The following dependencies are not required but significantly improve the experience and customizability.

  • PlaceholderAPI - Allows for custom functions to be created to support nearly any other plugin.
  • ProtocolLib - Allows for action bar packets to be rerouted in order to not disrupt the mmobars.